Save the Date: Symposium For Heart Valve Disease Awareness – 7-8 September, Nijmegen

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Hart Volgers

The team at Hart Volgers has brought together two partners Radboudumc and ISALA heart centers to help support the Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day celebrations in The Netherlands. Patients, doctors and policy makers are invited to a national Heart Valve Disease Awareness Symposium to be held on September 7 in Nijmegen (Radboudumc) to put our 4A’s on the agenda.


Heart Valve Disease, what do Dutch people know?


The Symposium will start with a round table meeting with patients that will be led by cardiovascular specialists. The theme of the discussion will be: “Heart Valve Disease, what do we need to know in The Netherlands?” During the round table meeting they will talk about the results of the recent Awareness Survey and discuss the need to raise awareness of heart valve disease. During the symposium in the afternoon, representatives will share the round table outcomes.


In the afternoon, from 1.30 – 4.30 pm an interesting program that will outline the pathway for heart valve disease patients from symptom recognition to diagnosis and heart valve disease treatment. In addition, the Awareness Survey results will be revealed, followed by presentations on the latest developments and treatment options in the field. Speaker at the symposium will be specialists from ISALA and Radboudumc.


Speakers: dr. G. Brandon Bravo Bruinsma cardiothoracic surgeon, drs. M. van Wely interventional cardiologist TAVI, Prof.dr. A. Maas cardiologist women’s heart, drs. R. Boon cardiothoracic surgeon, dr. E. Kedhi interventional cardiologist, dr. S. Singh cardiothoracic surgeon, Prof. dr. W. Morshuis cardiothoracic surgeon.


Listen to your heart


During the week Heart centers across The Netherlands will be participating in the campaign with banners and flyers on display to raise awareness of Heart Valve Disease. For the media and social media messaging, the aim will be to spread the theme of the events of: “Listen to your heart”. The team at will organise a special ‘Golden Oldies’ campaign starting on the first European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day on September 8. The campaign will centre around stethoscope exams and will also include a fun musical element.


We hope you can join us!