The Final European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Summit Planning Meeting: Amsterdam

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Summit in Amsterdam

On 10 August the European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day partner representatives met for the final time before the launch of the day on 8 September. The summit meeting, this time held in Amsterdam, was a full day ensuring that all of the details were finalised.


The plans from each representative country, Spain, France, The Netherlands, The UK, Ireland and Italy were presented and showed that each country has put in a lot of effort to plan some wonderful activities including a flash mob run in Milan, a media tour in Paris and a Gymkhana event in Spain.


The group also discussed the events that will lead up to the day including the launch of the European Heart Valve Disease White Paper that will take place in Brussels on the 4 September. The paper will discuss the manifesto for raising awareness of heart valve disease across Europe and the need for improved diagnosis and access to treatment options for patients in all of the representative countries.


For anyone unable to attend any of the events in person, a Tweet Chat will be held at 4:30pm on 8 September. A Tweet Chat brings together Twitter users from all over to participate in a discussion with experts in the field of cardiology, patient ambassadors and the team from Heart Valve Voice. Participants will be able to ask questions, share insight and contribute their experiences from the comfort of their own home or wherever they may be using Twitter. Following the hashtag #heartvalveday, we will be sharing facts, figures, resources and answering all of your queries.


The planning meeting welcomed representatives from our industry partners at Abbott, Medtronic and Edwards Life Sciences. It was wonderful to hear their valuable input and see the collaboration between industry and our patient charities. We wil also be partnering with other industry partners such as Siemens Healthineers. The financial support and expertise of all of our industry partners and their staff will help to solidify our work on the awareness day and help to spread our messages across Europe.