Save the Date: 1st Heart Valve Disease Awareness Days with the Alliance du Coeur – 5 to 7 September, Paris

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Alliance du coeur

In France, the Heart Alliance is committed to raising awareness among French population about heart valve disease, where still too little is known!


In a single day, our heart beats about 100,000 times. An impressive pace that involves foolproof machinery, part of which is strategic: the heart valve.


The heart is a muscular pump, the size of the fist, divided into four cavities. The two upper chambers, called the left atrium and the right atrium, receive the blood returning from the veins. The two lower cavities, called left ventricle and right ventricle, pump the blood back into the arteries. The role of the heart valves is to ensure the flow of blood in one and the same direction to enter and leave the heart.


Why is having your heart listened to so important?


The slightest grain of sand in this watchmaking movement can alter the proper functioning of the heart. Cardiac valve diseases affect about 2% of the population in Western countries. This prevalence increases sharply with age, reaching 13% of people aged 75 and over.


The main goals of the European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day campaign in France are:


▪ Increase heart valve disease screening and early detection


▪Make the simple information explaining the usefulness of the four heart valves in our heart available to the population.


Two major events are planned in France for September:


▪National Media Tour: Taking place on the 5th, 6th and 7th of September during a “Bus Tour” of awareness and exchange with 20 national media outlets;


▪Public meeting and Information Session: A specific meeting point with general public will be organised in Paris near the famous Georges Pompidou hospital to share information (leaflet distribution, quiz, Q&A with patients from Alliance du Coeur) about heart valve diseases on Friday 7 September.


For more information on how to get involved please contact: