The 4 “A” Action Plan

The Heart Valve Disease Patient Council has four calls to action, aiming to improve diagnosis and access to treatment across Europe. The 4 As are:

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Call upon governments, scientific societies and industry to collaborate with patient organisations to run national campaigns to raise awareness of the signs, symptoms and diagnosis of heart valve disease. As a result, elderly people, their health care providers and caregivers will be more aware of heart valve disease and its symptoms and join the campaign.

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Call upon governments and national payors to promote and eventually fund a check for heart valve disease as part of annual health check for over 65s, so that these people have the right to ask for a stethoscope check at least once a year.

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Call upon healthcare authorities to put in place national heart valve disease guidelines with a clear treatment pathway from diagnosis to treatment which physicians can use as a decision-making protocol.

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Call upon national healthcare providers to provide wide and equal access to heart valve disease therapies which provide the best and most rapid return to a good quality of life.