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Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week

Heart Valve Disease Awareness Dates 14-20 September 2020

This year’s Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week aims to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and management of heart valve disease across Europe.

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Heart Valve Disease

Are you listening to your heart?

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Our heart beats about 100,000 times in a single day! An impressive pace that requires a fool proof machine in which one part is strategic: the heart valve.

Our Mission - Healthy and Active Aging

The Heart Valve Patient Council was formed in April 2019 and brings together patient organisations to increase awareness of heart valve disease (HVD) across the world. The Patient Council advocates for improving equality and access to treatment across the globe.

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What is Heart Valve

What is Heart Valve Disease?

Heart valve disease is caused by either wear, disease or damage of one or more of the heart’s valves, affecting the flow of blood through the heart.

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One in eight diseased

Heart Valve Disease Is Affecting More and More People

One out of eight people over the age of 75 suffer from moderate to severe heart valve disease, and this number continues to increase with a growing aging population.

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A Message from the Chair of the Heart Valve Disease Patient CouncilCOVID-19: Consigli per persone con malattie cardiovascolariCOVID-19: Consejos para pacientes de valvulopatías cardíacasCovid-19: Conseils aux personnes atteintes de valvulopathies

A Global Heart Hub Initiative

The Global Heart Valve Disease Patient Council is an initiative of the Global Heart Hub, an alliance of heart patient organisations, that provides a voice for those affected by cardiovascular disease.

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